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Amazon Shopping Hacks: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

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5 amazon hacks every prime member should know about

I use Amazon for almost all of my shopping needs these days.

With baby number two on the way I really had to get intentional with my spending and found a lot of ‘hidden secrets’ that Amazon has to offer.

You know what Amazon is so I’m not going to spend time explaining it. But I will share all of the Amazon shopping hacks I’ve picked up in my years of using Amazon.

Before we begin: To max-out your savings with these Amazon shopping hacks, you’ll want to become an Amazon Prime member.

The Prime membership unlocks a lot of the money-saving hacks below.

If you want to follow along as you go, you can start your free 30-day Prime Trial here before reading on.

A Prime membership gives you free two-day shipping on almost everything. AND the money-saving benefits that follow.

Some of the free benefits are video and music streaming, unlimited photo storage, free books, grocery delivery and more! All within one membership (and login)!

Bookmark this post so you can look at it before you need to shop on Amazon again!

1. Don’t Hit ‘Buy’ Without Your Cash-Back Tools

picture of man ordering something online with a credit card

As an Amazon Prime member you’re already getting free shipping and a great price.

So it may surprise you that you can save more money on your Amazon purchases.

But you can!

You’ll save even more with Capital One Shopping.

Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a browser extension that provides coupons and discounts for thousands of brands and products.

Once installed, the Capital One Shopping browser extension automatically applies these coupons to your online orders - so you're always getting a great deal.

When you’re making a purchase from Amazon (or most other retailers), Capital One Shopping scans your cart and shows any coupons the items qualify for.

All you need to do is click "apply code" and you're done. No more googling for coupon codes!

As you accumulate points with Capital One Shopping you can redeem them for gift cards at your favorite stores. Nothing beats a guilt-free splurge purchase!

Once you've installed the free Capital One Shopping extension and created an account, you just continue shopping like you normally do.

Just make sure you allow notifications from the extension to always get the coupon prompts!

Because who can say no to free money?

2. Amazon Second Chance (Open Box Deals)

amazon second chance

Amazon Second Chance is a goldmine for savvy shoppers!

It's tucked away at the very bottom of the navigation menu (aka page 2 of Google) Check them out HERE.

Amazon Second Chance offers steep discounts on products because they have been returned (used and unused), refurbished, or damaged.

Basically, it’s the e-commerce version of the “open-box” section they have at Best Buy. You get a great discount without buying an inferior product.

Plus, all purchases are covered by Amazon's 30-day return policy!

You can usually find discounts from 5% up to 40% on Amazon Warehouse items compared to their original price.

Pro Tip: Sign up for a Prime membership before your first purchase on Amazon Second Chance. Prime members get free, 2-day shipping – even on these massively discounted warehouse deals.

A few of the popular Warehouse Deal categories are:

3. Amazon’s Outlet Store

amazon outlet

Amazon is really good at hiding the best parts of its website. The Amazon Outlet Store is also hard to locate, but has amazing deals and is worth checking out (explore HERE).

The major difference between the Outlet and Warehouse sections is the Outlet only sells NEW items, at steep discounts!

The Outlet items are usually old versions, markdowns, overstocks, or closeouts. But there are a lot of hidden gems to be found here.

For example, I love golf and my wife got me this exact hat for my birthday!

travis matthew hat example

Still had the tags on it and everything. Plus, knowing she saved 34% on it makes me love it even more because I hate when people buy me gifts. I’m like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory in that regard.

Amazon sellers want (or need) these products sold ASAP, which is why they are heavily discounted.

This section frequently has "Lightning Deals" that are time or quantity-based where you can find great deals.

Most products in the Outlet section are discounted between 20% and 80%.

And, if you’re a Prime member you get the free 2-day shipping on all of these products.

You can still buy Outlet items without Prime, but the shipping fees will eat into your savings.

The top categories in the Outlet store are:

Check out the full Amazon Outlet HERE!

4. Shopping Hacks using Amazon Prime Perks

Amazon Prime’s main selling point is free 2-day shipping. Your package is delivered to your doorstep or in a secure Amazon locker in 2 business days.

But free shipping is just their hook. They also include A LOT of money-saving opportunities with their Prime Membership (at no additional cost!).

Subscribe & Save

amazon subscribe and save

Prime members can save between 5-15% on all basic household needs: TP, Kleenex, diapers, protein powder, snacks, dog food, medicine, etc.

If you use something every day, odds are you’ll save with the Subscribe & Save button.

When you subscribe, you select how frequently you’ll need the item on a recurring basis and you'll save 5-15% on each purchase.

Subscribe & Save is your hub for massive discounts on toiletries. Plus, you can cancel or skip your next delivery at any point.

You can boost your savings up to 15% by adding multiple items to the same delivery schedule.

You can view everything available for Amazon’s Subscribe & Save feature here.

Amazon Baby Registry

Adding a new addition to your family?

When you create an Amazon Baby Registry you qualify for 15% off everything on your registry!

And you can easily add items to it and share the registry with friends and family.

For more expensive items, like the car seat you're eyeing, it easily lets multiple people contribute a portion of the cost.

Create your free Amazon Baby Registry here and start saving!

Prime Member Deals at Whole Foods

Amazon broke into the grocery industry when it bought Whole Foods back in 2017.

On the Amazon website, click the menu and select Whole Foods Market (or click here).

Prime members have access to weekly deals on a variety of food and kitchen items.

*Keep reading to learn how to save 5% at Whole Foods every time you shop there.

Amazon Photos

amazon photos benefit image

Your photos are precious and you shouldn't have to delete old pictures to clear up memory on your phone or storage drive.

Cloud storage makes it easy and secure to store your photos. Plus you don't have to worry about losing your phone or backing up the data with cloud storage.

All of your photos and videos are safe on a secure third-party server and you can view them on any device that is connected to the internet!

The downside is almost every company charges to use their cloud storage once you exceed a few GBs worth of data (which isn't a lot).

But not Amazon!

Prime members get unlimited cloud storage for photos included with their membership.

It's 2023.. don't pay for cloud storage.

Prime Music

Download the Amazon Music App to instantly have over 100 million songs in your pocket.

Even better, it’s ad-free and you can skip as many songs as you want.

You can download songs so you can listen wherever you are!

It's like Spotify Premium, except it's an included Prime membership perk.

Prime Video

A Prime membership costs $15/month and gives you access to award-winning shows for no additional cost!

Most streaming apps, including Netflix, Hulu, and Disney, have increased their monthly subscriptions to well over $15/month in the last year.

With Prime Video you can stream exclusives like Jack Ryan, Air, The Wheel of Time, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Rings of Power, and countless other shows and movies for free!

They also have popular network TV shows like Suits, House, and Psych available for free.

Happy binging!

Amazon's lineup of kid-friendly shows is also great for parents and parental controls are a breeze to setup.

It’s another awesome perk that comes standard with your Prime membership.

Prime Reading

prime reading progam features

If reading is one of your hobbies, Prime Reading is perfect for you. You can select a free pre-release eBook every month from a revolving list of editor's picks.

If you take advantage and read the free book each month, that is well over $100 per year in savings!

The choices include everything from teen fiction to crime novels. One of the top books this month is It Will All Work Out by Kevin Hart!

Free Same-Day Delivery

Need something, but don't have time to go out and get it? It happens to me more than I'm proud to admit.

Thankfully Amazon has a whole section for products that offer Same-Day delivery at no additional cost as long as the order total is over $25.

Amazon Fresh - Free Grocery Delivery

Grocery shopping takes way longer than it should.

Amazon includes grocery delivery as a FREE service. So you don't need to add another subscription or app on your phone.

Simply head to Amazon Fresh, add your groceries to your cart, and Amazon will handle the rest.

Most of the time, they can be delivered in less than 4 hours, just don't rely on that on Thanksgiving or other big holidays.

Give Amazon Fresh a try here and see how much easier grocery shopping can be!

5. Apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card

If you shop on Amazon a lot, you need to look into the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa card.

Because Amazon offers 5% cash back on everything you buy at Amazon or Whole Foods.

That's $5 back every time you spend $100 on groceries. You can't find a deal that good on groceries anywhere else!

How much free money have you missed out on because you don't have this card?

Restaurants and gas stations? 2% back.

Everything else still earns 1% cash back, which is the industry standard for rewards credit cards.

There is unlimited 5% cash back on Amazon, unlimited 5% cash back at Whole Foods, and unlimited 2% cash back at restaurants and gas stations with the Amazon Prime rewards card.

If you buy a lot on Amazon, there isn't a credit card that can compete with the Prime Rewards Card in terms of cash-back potential.

You can use it anywhere Visa is accepted.

Plus there are no annual account fees!

Other credit cards that offer less cash back have an annual fee of at least $100.

You will get 5% back on Amazon, 5% back at Whole Foods, and 2% back on food and gas.

Prime membership is all you need.

Anyone with good credit can get a top-earning rewards card from Amazon.

You'll know within seconds whether you've been approved.

Your card will be activated immediately and you can start receiving 5% cash back on every order you place.

Start earning unlimited 5% cash back at Amazon by applying for a free Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card here.

*As with all credit cards, please make sure you pay off the balance in full each month to avoid paying interest.*

Bonus Shopping Hack: Free Amazon Gift Cards

I like to exceed expectations and in case the savings above weren't enough I wanted to give you one more.

Cash back apps have welcome bonuses that you can redeem for free Amazon Gift Cards.

All you need to do is download their free apps, use the apps to earn free cash back on purchases, and you’ll get a welcome bonus.

Our favorite apps and their welcome bonuses are:

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